Drummer: Fiona “Out of Time” Hoang

Captains Logbook,¬†Written by “Jokey Joke-maker” Cheung

The position of the drummer is often considered as the least important and the person who simply hits the drum. Here at the Windy Pandas, we consider it to be one of the most important positions on the boat. A drummer often can see the entire boat, a position only available to the drummer or the helm. They are in a unique position where they are able to take control of the team. Windy Pandas often have their drummer in assisting the team maintain their timing and technique throughout a race and this could mean the difference between winning and losing.
Fiona “Out Of Time” Hoang
Generation Two
Rightie/Now Drummer
2009 – Present
Fi was a former member of the Hurricane Tigers Charity Dragon Boat team and when she wanted to join the Pandas, it was easy for her to slot into position. Due to time commitments and personal reasons, she decided to take up the drummer role in 2010. Fi was not confident at all at the start of her drumming career, I even had doubts as to whether she would continue but over time and determination, she made this role into her own. I can hear the passion and drive in her voice throughout each race. She deservedly won the Best Drummer 2010 Award last season and this year has continued her role as the Drummer, where she was the first drummer to finish with a gold! In her paddling days, she was a very well accomplished Pocket Rocket paddler. She is a shy but quietly confident person who is very passionate about the sport. Fi has a big heart and enjoys doing work for charity and those attributes will always have a place at the Windy Pandas.