Pacer: Cain “Jon Lin” Voong

Captains Logbook, Written by “Jokey Joke-maker” Cheung

The position of pacer is where you sit at the front of the boat and dictate the ‘pace’ of the strokes. There are two pacers, the left and right and normally a ‘lead pacer’ which takes charge in leading the pace and the other pacer follows. Some would argue this is the hardest and most important positions in a team. It requires technique, strength and stamina and above all else, composure. Here at the Windy Pandas, we run down the Pacers we have had over the years.

Cain “Jon Lin” Voong
Generation One
Left Pacer
I became friends with Cain via another sport called Badminton a few years ago. He is one of those annoying people who seems to be good at all sports. So when I was looking for friends to join for the Windy Pandas, he was one of the first names on the team roster. He naturally picked up the sport quickly and can paddle on the left or right and is very consistent, has great strength and strong technique. Simply, Mr Reliable. I swear he could paddle through World War III and still maintain the same rate. He was the leftie pace for our debut race at Bewl Water in 2008 and took up the sport on a regular basis and joined the Typhoon team in 2009. He has now retired from the world of Dragon Boating and can be found on the Badminton Courts back when I was first met him.
We miss you Cain!