Panda Profile: Bing “Better Late Than Never” Chong

Name:  Bing “Better Late Than Never” Chong

Position: Stroke, Row Two, Pocket Rocket

Generation: One

No of Seasons with the Pandas: Four

Panda Races: Eight

Bewl Water 2008, 2009

London Chinatown Lions 2009, 2010

Kingston Rotary 2009, 2010

London Rotary 2010, 2011

San Francisco International Event  2012 (JK – though I add that as fun LOL)

Bing “Better Late Than Never” Chong started her Dragonboat career back in 2008 after being surrounded by Dragonboaters for 1440 minutes a day – 168 hours a week in a Snowboarding trip in France. There was an attempt to brainwash her to believe that Dragonboating was the only way forward in life if you wanted to be successful. Better Late Than Never remained strong and contend with her own believes that this cannot be true. However, peculiar things started to happen not long after the trip.  She woke up early on one Saturday morning and travelled from one side of London to another to try out this unusual watersport. A
t that point it was clear to her that she has been brainwashed successfully! She started off as a Part-Timer and attended training sessions whenever she wanted. Her talent to the sport was soon discovered by the Panda Captain and she was recruited as a Panda in G1 after hours of negotiations & bribery.

Written by Bing “Better Late Than Never” Chong