Vice Vice Captain Interview: Vo “Casper” Su

As part of the build-up to the upcoming season, here at the Windy Pandas, we asked our new Vice Vice Captain, Vo “Casper” Su some personal questions about himself, his first experience of the Pandas and what he is looking to bring to the team in 2012.

Q: Describe yourself in three words.
Social, Punctual, Talkative (haha)

Q: Your all-time favourite film?
Infernal Affairs, Part 1 ONLY

Q: You’re marooned on a dessert island, what 3 essential items would you take with you?
My Macbook Air, Charger, and Universal power adapter

Q: What was your first job?
“Would you like salt and vinegar with that?”

Q: How did you first join the Pandas? Do you remember your first impressions?
Friend took me along. First thoughts? ‘This is frinking hard!’

Q: Remember your first race?
“So Jez, are we like Tottenham or Man Utd?” We were Tottenham- finished in a respectable fourth

Q: …and your first dunk?
Couple of weeks in for being late. Don’t be late

Q: Why do you think you are still paddling for the Windy Pandas?
It’s the greatest looking dragon boating team out there; If I left, this wouldn’t be true anymore

Q: The squad is getting bigger every year, why do you think other people want to join WP?
We have the most sexiest captain in the land.

Q: According to your definition of success, how successful do you think WP have been so far?
Race results C-
Team Bonding A+
From small beginnings to what it is now A+++

Q: Back to your role this season. Why did you decide to take up the Vice Captain role?
The captain had to hand the role to someone, and I was just lucky enough to be driving the captain home to be offered it!

Q: What are you going to bring to the Windy Pandas in 2012?
I aint the most technical paddler, I aint the strongest paddler, Hell am not even the best looking paddler, but hopefully what I’ll be able to bring along is my enthusiasm, passion and motivation for Windy Pandas, and be able to help those that are starting out like I did and give a little guidance and drive

Q: Tell me about the worst moment of your WP career?
Missing out on the finals by 0.01s at the Worthing event

Q: ..and the best?
Did someone say mango deserts, KFC egg tarts, fish balls sticks AND paddling at Stanley bench WITH the Windy Panda crew??? Yes please! Our international entry at Hong Kong has been the best moment.

Q: Any advice to upcoming G5s or any newbies looking to join?
Don’t be shy, give it a try. Come along, give it a go. you may just try it once and never come back (we’ve seen a few), or you might just catch the dragon boat bug and it becomes a part of your life (we’ve seen a lot!)

Q: What does your nickname come from or has any special meaning?
Friends used to tell me I’m as pale as Casper the Friendly Ghost and look like Doug Funny.

Q: If a film was about your life, which famous actor would play you and why?
Wong Hei.. it’s the eyes.

Vice Vice Captain Vo “Casper” Su