G6 Interview: Amit “The Never Ending” Mistry

So another week, means another G6 interview. We will be asking Amit a few questions about dragon boating and some about himself.

Q: How did you find out about the Windy Pandas and who/what made you join the team?
A: I have known the Pangstar since the end of first year @ Imperial. We were never the best of friends but our friendship had its heart to heart moments. Also u have Christian aka Ginger aka Jaffa. Pang introduced me to him a few years ago. They were good friends. Then I stole Chris away from him…true story!

Q: How is your experience so far? Is it what you expected so far? or not at all…
A: Its been great, the adrenaline of every race, creating the perfect run from start to finish. Still trying to perfect it, but it’s coming along. waiting for that faithful day when Paul doesn’t mention the guy behind Fanta 🙁 lol. Now i just need to find more time for the social aspects as well. Hate that I’m missing them..

Q: What are your goals/objectives with joining the Windy’s?
A: Trying something different, making new friends, having fun…in that order

Q: What are your likes and dislikes about Dragon Boating??
A: Likes: the work out, the feeling at the end of a race, the pretty girls and the dim sum 😀 Dislikes: fear of falling in and the lump on my left hand thumb that has developed from holding the paddle 🙁

Q: How is your technique coming along?
A: I want to say its coming on well. It’s been modified each week by someone whom has seen a weak point, and thus it has slowly changed. Last training I got a little more advice that I hope will make it even better at the next session. Just need practise it at race start pace, cause third gear is where im failing.

Q: What are your fondest memory so far? Any interesting stories to tell?
A: Third race @ Marlow. 1 minute 11 secs

Q: Who’s your favourite Panda whom you didn’t know before you joined the team?
A: That’s a hard question, I haven’t got to know others out side of practise really as of yet. So based on what I do know….Kee/Vo but that’s a training thing. Socially…ask me after a couple of drinks

Q: Any advice for those that are looking to take up the sport?
A: Just do it!!! (original, right?)

Q: Moving onto other topic, if you can visit any in the country in the world, where would you go and why?
A: South Korea. I have been there once before, but for only a short time (like 3 days) and I loved every moment of it. And yet I have so much more to see. The thought of Korean food can make my mouth water (sorry for sounding weird). I’m a little hooked on the music industry and some dramas…I know, i know, it sounds weird but I do enjoy them. I want to see the sites, ski down the mountains and relax on the beaches. It has it all. Oh crap, cant forget the lovely ladies 😀

Q: What are your most embarrassing moment?
A: I dont believe I’m actually telling you this: it was on my 24th Birthday, it was at Babble Bar near Green Park. It was a great night, lots of friends from all over and some close family. Of course drinks were laid out in front of me and I was given no choice, including champagne which for me is a game changer :'(, So fast forward to two days later when i meet a couple of friends that were there that night. They say to me: “How’s ur sister?”…I stand there wondering WTF?!?! And then they go on to say that in my drunken state I started to dance (in a slightly provocative manner) with my sister..in front of all my friends!!!! :(. Needless to say I was red faced and to this day, they don’t let it slide.

Q: And your proudest moment?
A: I play a lot of squash, been doing it since i was 10. when i was like 17 i played for my borough in the London Youth Games. At one stage we got to the Semis in the plate (not the main draw, we were the best :P) Teams are made of 3 guys and 2 girls. The 2 girls lost and then the two guys below me fought hard to win their matches, so it was down to me. Now ask anyone who knew me before i was 20, i was not the fittest of guys, hell i was fat, but i had skills with a racket on the squash court. After a hard fought match, I won 3-1. I literally raised my arms up like i had just won Wimbledon, and their were cameras (they didn’t get my good side). The feeling of getting to the finals was pretty awesome.

Q: What did you grow up wanting to be? Your childhood dreams and ambitions?
A: TBH nothing exciting, I loved maths. Yup, an Indian guy who loved maths, never met one right? Barring that, I wanted to be a dirt bike rider. there was shop selling bikes opposite my dads business. When i was like 7 i would go there and act out a scenario that i was in a race with an evil guy (that i also played of course, ha) . I even had my own helmet that my dad gave me. didn’t fit of course, but it was mine.

Q: Tell us something interesting about yourself or unknown fact?
A: I had a Honda CBR125 for all of 6 months, Why???. Answer: While riding down the A14 at around 60mph, the wind really started to pick up and I was pushed across two lanes. I was forced on to the gravel in the middle of the road with the barrier right next to me. another gust of wind I probably would have wiped out. Watching my mirrors I could see cars & TRUCKS getting closer, driving at probably 70mph. Words can not make clear how scary that moment was.

Q: What’s the best/worst practical joke anyone’s ever played on you? And vice versa?
A: Sorry, I got no answer for this…

Q: If your life was to be made into a film, who would play you and why?
A: Jake Johnson from New Girl. Why…because he seems to be as indecisive about his life as I am about my own. One minute I think i have it all figured out, what i want to do, where I want to work, where my life is heading….then a few days later, every thing has changed. I’m still waiting for that perfect thought where I figure it all out.

Q: Finally, when is your birthday?
A: 29th December