G8 Interview: Grace ‘Medic’ Chan

Please welcome Grace ‘medic’ Chan to the Windy Pandas!

As with the other G8s we are seeing this season she is certainly becoming a valued member of the Windy Pandas and is learning at and amazing pace. Watch out for this one!!

Q: How did you find out about the Windy Pandas?
From my lovely friends who are or were members!

Q: What have been your likes and dislikes about Dragonboating so far?
A: Likes – a new different type of workout with good company..what more can i ask for?

Dislike – getting the random splashes in my face whilst trying to concentrate paddling on time! I can’t seeeeee 🙁

Q: What has been your favourite holiday?
A: Hmm i can’t decide between two! Well they both were work trips!

1. I went to LA with the 4x100m relay boys and managed to do a cheeky sneak away with them to go watch Lakers Vs Rockets! That was a one of my dreams come true..the NBA match of course!

2. I went Korea for the Asian Games..pretty awesome experience! On the side..got to meet PSY, Big Bang and World top class athletes! 😀

Q: If you can have dinner with 3 famous people, alive or dead, who would they be and why?
A: Jesus – I just want to know what dinner was like with him…maybe not the last supper though, that probably would have been too intense for me!

Will Smith – Cool actor

Michael Jordan – He’s a legend!

Q: Whats your best movie and worst? 
A: Best – He’s just not that into you – Every girl must have a favourite chick flick! 😉  Its either that or the stephen chow classics!

Worst – Paranormal activity – I snoozed zzzZZZ

Q: Explain your nickname? How did it come about
A: Ok it was either “Medic” or “Backbreaker”

Im a sports therapist and currently studying a masters in osteopathy. So naturally the others thought massage, physio..Medic! Backbreaker – cracking peoples backs! It was a close call..but “Medic” won in the end!

Q: What is your favourite quote (if any) 
A: Everything happens for a reason.

Q: What do you miss most about being a kid?
A: Carefree, pure and simple life! Oh yeah and eating unlimited amounts of anything and not get fat!  

Q: How would your friends describe you? 
A: Foodie, Thoughtful, Health and Fitness freak!

Q: When is your birthday and can you swim? 
A: 4th Feb and yes i can swim…don’t even think about it!

Q: Last question – Are you any good at running? (yes/no) 
A: I can run… But I’m not keen on it though..