Top Secret – Pandas Sporting Armour

It’s been asked many times the secret of the Pandas success. Here at the Official Panda website, we shall reveal to you some exclusives as to why we do so well on and off the boat!
The secret is…our sporting attire. Any Panda can only go to battle on the water when armed with the aerodynamic Panda hats (hand made by by Vo Su, so he claims), custom designed tee shits which have 100% cotton material to give you that extra push at the finish line. The tee shirt has been designed to keep you warm when cold, and dissipates heat when hot, although, we recommend wearing a sweatshirt or a coat if it does get cold and to change tee shirt after a race. The final ingredient, just like the Colonel’s special recipe, is the natural good looks that is highly stringent, particularly on the female pandas.

Written by Jez “Jokey-Jokemaker” Cheung