Panda Profile: Simon “I’m Worth It” Chang

Name: Simon “I’m Worth It” Chang

Position: Power Pack

Committee Position: Social Committee Member 2009 – Present

Generation: One

No of Seasons with the Pandas: Four

Panda Races: Nine

Bewl Water 2008, 2009, 2010

London Chinatown Lions 2009, 2010

Kingston Rotary 2009, 2010

London Rotary 2010

HK International Dragon Boat Race

Having been genetically blessed with a head full of thick, straight shiny hair, Simon Chang at a very young age was the catalogue poster boy of Avon and teen magazine Smash Hits. A career break followed where Chang left the UK to study advanced follicle science at the Venice University, Italy. In the watery canals of Venice, Chang found a passion in dragon boating, joining the university crew and winning major honours.

Coming back to the UK, a chance encounter at a Windy Pandas training session in London gave Chang the perfect opportunity to pursue the sport at a higher level. Having barely survived the grueling induction and selection process, Chang compromised by offering hair styling tips and secrets to the rest of the crew, which helped make Chang into a G1 Panda.

The TV exposure and international media coverage of the Windy Pandas caught the attention of L’Oreal who immediately signed Chang up to be their primary model for dry water and wet water sports.

A seasoned veteran, glorious flowing hair, calm, and collected, Chang’s ambi powered drive downs help form part of the Windy Pandas power pack.

The man, the legend, the hair, this is Simon ‘I’m Worth It’ Chang.

Written by Simon “I’m Worth It” Chang