Panda Profile: Will “Metro” Wan

Name: Will “Metro” Wan

Position: Powerhouse Left

Committee Position: Social and Vice Captain 2008-2009

Generation: One

No of Seasons with the Pandas: Three

Pandas Races: Four

Bewl Water 2008, 2010

London Rotary 2011

Windsor 2011

Willyboy “Metro” Wan started as an original G1 Panda back in 2008 where he gained his dragon boating skills as a leftie and as part of the power pack! He ended his amazing year on a high as the WPs won their first medal at Bewl Water.  Thanks to WPs he left his daily profession as a Mad Scientist and became a professional sports man and a hardcore paddler racing in the BDA league.  For 2 years he enjoyed the high life of mingling with the celebs, driving F1 cars, making rom coms movies and….of course dated a playboy bunny.  Soon enough from exhaustion he was remitted into rehab where he met Charlie Sheen!!.  From here he decided to leave the Hollywood life style and returned back to WPs in 2011.  There he will never look back and enjoys life again by smashing the charity circuit!!!!!

Written by Will “Metro” Wan