Panda Profile: Ting “Pouting At” Yau

Name: Ting “Pouting At” Yau

Position: Pacer, Row Two, Pocket Rocket, Drummer, Left 

Committee Position: Social 2009, 2010, 2011

Generation: One

No of Seasons with the Pandas: Four

Pandas Races:

Drummer: Four

Bewl Water 2008, 2009  

London Chinatown Lions 2009

Kingston 2009

Paddler: Six

London Rotary 2010, 2011

London Chinatown Lions 2010,

Kingston 2010

Bewl Water 2010 

Windsor 2011

Ting “Pouting At” Yau started her Dragon Boating career as part of the original Generation One crew as a drummer. She made her debut at the Bewl Water Charity Race in 2008. After two seasons of shouting and screaming at the Pandas on a regular basis, Ting decided to take up paddling and has never looked back since. On the boat, her strength is multiplied by serious alcohol abuse and giving Pandas evils who DON’T keep in time. She is also the only Panda that have won the “Panda of the Day Award” when she won a customised cuddly Windy Panda for her role as drummer at Bewl Water in 2008.

Off the boat, she is a full time Singstar competitor and enjoys entering fancy dress competitions whenever possible. She is often seen in photos creating romantic imagery or pouting at the camera….or both! One thing is for sure, she is looking forward to smashing it in the Dragon Boat World for many years to come.

Written by Jez “Jokey-Jokemaker” Cheung