G5 Interview : Hien “Cookie Monster” Le

A look at our 2012’s G5 and this time, it’s our very own Miss Hien “Cookie Monster” Le!!!

Q: Describe yourself in three words.
Merry, versatile, happy =)

Q: Your favourite all-time film?
It’s quite lame but as a little girl I remember really liking it.. Clueless

Q: You’re marooned on a desert island, what 3 essential items would you take with you?
Water, Airtight tent, Warm clothing

Q: If you could be a famous Superhero, who would you be and why?
Superman! Because he can do everything =)

Q: What was your first job?
Cutting strings in my dad’s factory..

Q: What song do you secretly like but are too embarrassed to admit?
Hero! Although I’m not embarrassed to admit it 🙂

Q: How did you first join the Pandas? How did you find us?
Through Chengy! =)

Q: How did you find your first training session?
It was fun and challenging, I didn’t think I did too well but the person I was next to (Vice Vice president?) was very useful in guiding. I think I let the team down in the race.. Sorli..

Q: How is your technique coming along?
Only been to one session so no great progress, hopefully it’ll improve =)

Q: …had your first dunk? When is your birthday?
No! Omg.. Does that happen? My bday has passed so I can’t get dunked.. =p

Q: Why do you want to paddle for the Windy Pandas? What are your goals and objectives?
I just really want to get active and do a sport which will improve my fitness and also be enjoyable.. This seems really fun =)

Q: The squad is getting bigger every year, why do you think other people want to join WP?
Because it’s fun and beneficial to your health ..? Surely besides physical exercise ppl must enjoy it too =)

Q: What are you going to bring to the Windy Pandas in 2012?
I am an extremely determined individual and always try very hard in everything I do… =P this is obviously not an interview so I’ll be completely honest although the above is true I don’t believe that I’ll be outstanding and be a leading member in the team, but I’ll ensure to try the best I can, to not be a burden on the boat and add amusement to the team =)

Q: Where does your WP nickname come from or does it have any special meaning? If not, any suggestions?
Piggy..? My friends call me fatty or know me to be a fatty but I don’t think that is a very attractive name so maybe piggy is better.. Because I love food and eat loads

Q: If a film was about your life, which famous actor would play you and why?
Can’t be a hollywood white person because I’m oriental.. Charmaine Sheh? Because I like her, she’s very pretty and can act quite well =)

Hope that’s ok!
Hien =D