Windy Pandas Awards Ceremony 2012

It seems like a distant memory now when I look back upon Windy Panda’s fifth season. There were so many highlights, winning Chinatown Lions, Panda Day, San Francisco and all the Generation Five Pandas that have integrated into the team so well. So it was only fitting to have an extra special Awards Ceremony, not only to celebrate the incredible season we have had, but a chance to highlight which individual made outstanding contribution to the team, voted by your the team mates. It was a night full of excitement, glamour, laughter and some tears.

My sincere thanks for Dragon Warriors, Keith from Killer Guppies and LARD for making a very special appearance. Further thank you goes to Quy, for some absolute stunning photos, all the Awards Committee, Ali, Alam, Debs, Christine, Fanta, Hien, Kee, Si Chan, Si Chang, Ting, Vo and to all the Pandas that made the night and the season very special.

Here are some pictures from the night and also the nominees and winners for the categories.

Chairman Jokey-Jokemaker


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Best Dim Sum Eating Panda Award
Nominees: Chin Pang Yau – 23% Dave Chan – 6% Hien Le – 10% Maxine Lam – 35% Vo Su – 10%
Winner: Maxine Lam

Gossip Queen Panda Award
Nominees: Alan Lam – 10% Ali Chan – 16% Cheng Ly – 10% Stefan Collymore – 10% Yan Yau – 10% Yvonne Hau – 10%
Winner: Ali Chan

Worst Excuse Not to Come Training Award
Nominees: Fanta Yuen – 15% Guy Tang – 10% Satinder Rayet – 30% Yan Yau – 20%
Winner: Satinder Rayet

Princess of the Pandas – Most Fanciable Female
Nominees: Fanta Yuen – 6% Hien Le – 16% Maxine Lam – 16% Ting Yau – 10% Yan Yau – 10% Yvonne Hau – 26%
Winner: Yvonne Hau

Prince of the Pandas – Most Fanciable Male
Nominees: Chin Pang Yau – 13% Jeremy Cheung – 19% Pol Tumalaytay – 13% Satinder Rayet – 13% Vo Su – 10% Will Wan – 10%
Winner: Jeremy Cheung

Most Memorable Moment: On the Boat
Winner: 3: Paddling to Hawaii 5-0 in rough waters 2: Winning Lions (Twice) 1: Winning at SF: Epic Holiday, Epic Race

Most Memorable Moment: Off the Boat
Winner: 3: Nearly getting killed by Stef’s driving towards 3 lanes of traffic in Las Vegas 2: San Francisco Holiday, Team GB vs Team USA, Skydiving with 14 Pandas 1: Dim Sum Challenge: Maxine Lam, Dave Chan and Christine Liu

Most Dedicated Panda Award
Nominees: Ali Chan – 32% Christine Liu – 6% Jeremy Cheung – 32% Vo Su – 16%
Winner: Ali Chan & Jeremy Cheung

Most Improved Female Panda Award
Nominees: Ali Chan – 6% Christine Liu – 52% Maxine Lam – 26% Tse Yan Choi – 10%
Winner: Christine Liu

Most Improved Male Panda Award
Nominees: Cheng Ly – 16% Jack Tho – 23% Long Voong – 6% Phil Wong – 13% Pol Tumalaytay – 26%
Winner: Pol Tumalaytay

Best G5 Panda Award
Nominees: Cheng Ly – 13% Christine Liu – 19% Fanta Yuen – 6% Joseph Sotomi – 6% Maxine Lam – 13% Pol Tumalaytay – 35%
Winner: Pol Tumalaytay

Best Stroke Panda Award
Nominees: Alan Lam – 16% Ali Chan – 19% Jack Tho – 29% Vo Su – 26%
Winner: Jack Tho

Best Power Pack Panda Award
Nominees: Chin Pang Yau – 10% Jack Tho – 13% Stefan Collymore – 6% Vo Su – 32% Will Wan – 35%
Winner: Will Wan

Best Pocket Rocket Panda Award
Nominees: Guy Tang – 13% Jeremy Cheung – 26% Maxine Lam – 13% Ting Yau – 32%
Winner: Ting Yau

Unsung Hero Panda Award
Nominees: Alam Lam – 13% Ali Chan – 13% Guy Tang – 13% Kee Law – 19%
Winner: Kee Law

Inspirational Panda Award
Nominees: Jeremy Cheung – 45% Phil Wong – 6% Vo Su – 26%
Winner: Jeremy Cheung

Your Award
Nominees: Ali Chan: Most get involved Panda, most social Panda Christine Liu: Pure effort and dedication, a Panda you can rely on! Hien & Fanta’s Hotpot – Amazing and copious amount of delicious food Kong : For helming us throughout the season with minimal fuss Paul Coster : Best Coach, Great Guy, Cares about us Satinder Rayet : Most late award i.e. Sat Award, also has the most disappearing acts ever Vo Su – Dedicated, Leads by example and the Drunken antics
Winner: Vo Su – Dedicated, Leads by example and the Drunken antics

Coach Award – Most Improved Paddler
Winner: Christine Liu & Tse Yan Choi

Coach Award – Best Paddler
Winner: Vo Su