G7 Interview: Kelly “Canadian #2” Qu

We Interview our fellow G7 panda Kelly ‘Canadian #2’ Qu. She has come all the way from the great white north/Drake City and we ask her how she finds the WPs!

Q: How did you find out about the Windy Pandas and who/what made you join the team?
A: I found out about the Windy Pandas from Karen, I want to keep in shape with dragon boating and meet new friends in the UK 🙂

Q: How is your experience so far? Is it what you expected? or not at all…
A: Loving it so far! The team is a lot closer together than I expected, which I really like. The social activities are great! Windy Pandas are very inclusive! In the beginning I was a little scared to meet people but everyone’s so friendly, it makes the integration transition a lot smoother.

Q: What are your goals/objectives with joining the Windy’s?
A: I want to keep shape and become a good dragon boater and make good friends.

Q: What are your likes and dislikes about Dragon Boating??
A: I like that it is a team sport and allows the team to bond together through sports which is amazing. Dislikes…. it only exercises one side of the body.

Q: How is your technique coming along?
A: I think it’s coming along, still need more practice but I think I’m starting to get a hang of things.

Q: What are your fondest memory so far? Any interesting stories to tell?
A: Getting gold medal at Chatham, it was so much fun!

Q: Who’s your favourite Panda whom you didn’t know before you joined the team and why?
A: Can’t have favourites, everyone’s awesome! But definitely Vo and Ali for organizing events and checking up on me to see if things are going okay. Jez is also one of my favourite, he is very experienced and gives great guidance.

Q: Any advice for those that are looking to take up the sport? 
A: If you are looking to get fit while having fun, join the pandas 🙂

Q: Moving onto other topic, name me three things you can not live without and why? 
A: Coffee (wakes me up in the morning), Fresh Air (Needs to breath), Food (I’m a foodie and I love to try new food)

Q: Tell us something that your mum doesn’t know?
A: My mom is like my best friend so she actually knows everything about me haha.

Q: What three words will your best friend have to say about you?
A: fun, reliable, creative

Q: What did you grow up wanting to be? Your childhood dreams and ambitions?
A: I wanted to be an FBI Agent haha.

Q: Your favourite cartoon is?
A: I don’t really watch cartoons… does disney princess movies count? haha.

Q: What are your best and worst subjects at school?
A: Best: Biology; Worst: History

Q: What’s the best/worst practical joke anyone’s ever played on you? And vice versa?
A: hmm I will get back to you on this one. theres too many.

Q: If your life was to be made into a film, who would play you and why?
A: Good question hmmm.. Cameron Diaz? My life is filled with adventures.