G7 Interview: Jet “Superstar Wang” Hoang

Another G7 questionnaire! Jet Hoang is one of the new members of the WP but has now very much integrated into the team! I have had the privilege of knowing Jet since I was a kid.. he even taught me kung fu classes on Sundays LMAO. Not that I was any good at it hahaha. Welcome to the team Jet!

Q: How did you find out about the Windy Pandas and who/what made you join the team?
A: Pol kept talking about it

Q: How is your experience so far? Is it what you expected? or not at all…
A: Yes, what I expected. Which is a lot of fun

Q: What are your goals/objectives with joining the Windy’s?
A: Meet more friendly like minded people and win some trophies

Q: What are your likes and dislikes about Dragon Boating??
A: The cold

Q: How is your technique coming along?
A: Good on the right but only tried the left once

Q: What are your fondest memory so far? Any interesting stories to tell?
A: EDM partying with all the pandas

Q: Who’s your favourite Panda whom you didn’t know before you joined the team and why?
A: Everyone

Q: Any advice for those that are looking to take up the sport? 
A: Just do it

Q: Moving onto other topic, name me three things you can not live without and why? 
A: Football, health & new experiences

Q: Tell us something that your mum doesn’t know?
A: She was right about a lot of things

Q: What three words will your best friend have to say about you?
A: Go-getter, impatient & loud

Q: What did you grow up wanting to be? Your childhood dreams and ambitions?
A: Astronaut but as I grew older, I realised that being in a small confined space for a long time is not good for health (too anti-social)

Q: Your favourite cartoon is?
A: Dont even remember. Dexter?

Q: What are your best and worst subjects at school?
A: Best: Science Worst: History

Q: What’s the best/worst practical joke anyone’s ever played on you? And vice versa?
A: Dropping a chocolate bar so my friend picks it up then farting on his face

>Q: If your life was to be made into a film, who would play you and why?
A: Me, obviously

Q: Finally, when is your birthday?

30th August