G7 Interview: Cheryl “Not Cole” Phan

Please welcome our new enthusiastic Panda to our team – Mivan errr I mean Cheryl Phan! :p Since she joined the team she has become a great addition to the Windy Pandas and becoming a dedicated paddler! She’s also a footie fan of RVP BOOOOO!! hehe. Thanks for your delicious cupcakes too =)
Q: How did you find out about the Windy Pandas and who/what made you join the team?
A: Met Ali at badminton and got invited to try it out and haven’t looked back since =)
Q: How is your experience so far? Is it what you expected? or not at all…
A: Good, I think I’m improving =/ Better than expected, nice to do something other than badminton. Everyone is really friendly and met some fantastic characters
Q: What are your goals/objectives with joining the Windy’s?
A: Find Mr. Right (is this anonymous?), only kidding meeting new friends!… and to even out my arms since I play badminton with my right, paddle with my left =D
Q: What are your likes and dislikes about Dragon Boating??
A: I like riding along with a nice breeze/ admiring the beautiful Thames. The socials are pretty good too. Not much to dislike that I can think of right now… maybe doing the plank
Q: How is your technique coming along?
A: Still bending my outside arm more than I should. And timing issues =(
Q: What are your fondest memory so far? Any interesting stories to tell?
A: The final race at Chatham, lining up at the start, heart was pounding and the adrenaline rush made me struggle to grip my paddle! But crossing the finish line had a big mix of emotions, didn’t know whether to laugh or cry… but winning a GOLD medal, it was all worth it, the prettiest medal I’ve ever had around my neck =)
Apart from on the boat, the WPs are also competitive in nature! On sports day, whilst playing frisbee and I was trying to catch the frisbee, Winsom came flying out of nowhere and knocked me off my feet. 
Q: Who’s your favourite Panda whom you didn’t know before you joined the team and why?
A: Henry – he’s hilarious, looks like a chinese robert downey jr
Q: Any advice for those that are looking to take up the sport? 
A: Take it seriously when you’re in the boat, plenty of time for fun after
Q: Moving onto other topic, name me three things you can not live without and why? 
A: CAR – I get slightly claustrophobic on the tube, my bed cos like pandas I like to sleep, shampoo – good hair=good day
Q: Tell us something that your mum doesn’t know?
A: I started dragon boating instead of going to the library
Q: What three words will your best friend have to say about you?
A: Caring, loyal, genuine 
Q: What did you grow up wanting to be? Your childhood dreams and ambitions?
A: A pilot! I’d love to be able to fly a plane…
Q: Your favourite cartoon is?
A: Back in the day… Tom and Jerry
Q: What are your best and worst subjects at school?
A: Best- maths, Worst – I.T
Q: What’s the best/worst practical joke anyone’s ever played on you? And vice versa?
A: hmm… can’t think of one right now…
Q: If your life was to be made into a film, who would play you and why?
A: Cheryl Cole – we both try but can’t really sing and cos apparently we share the same first name which makes us comparable…
Q: Finally, when is your birthday?
A: 27th March