G9 Interview: Josephine ‘Scala’ So

Q1. First of all, what brought you along to Dragon Boating and the Windy Pandas?

I’ve always been interested in paddling sports ever since I paddled at Disneyland in Japan. WP was then the first paddling sport I joined and I chose WP because pandas seemed like a super friendly and social group of people. And also because there were so many Asians obviously ūüėõ

Q2. Outside of DB, what do you do to relax in your spare time?

Working out is relaxing on its own for me, I love doing sports but not watch them. Climbing is one of my favourites and it’s probably the chillest as well, it builds your muscles but it only ever feels like you are having fun rather than doing a workout.

Q3. If you had to choose between Mcdonalds, KFC or Burger King which would you choose?

I only like Burger King’s fries and their burgers win but I love Mcdonald’s Mcflurry with apple pie crushed. Mcdonald’s wins.

Q4. What is your favourite cartoon as a child?

Chibi Maruko Chan dubbed in Cantonese was my favourite and I still love it as much watching it now.

Q5. Who was your teenage crush, and how long for?

I had a big crush on my secondary school classmate for 4 years. Extremely tall like all Swedish hunks are, hazel eyes and wavy chestnut brown hair hahaha.

Q6. Describe yourself in three words

Cheerful, realist and direct.

Q7. What superhero power would you choose and why?

Teleporting probably because then I could travel anywhere at anytime. Eat whatever I want whenever I crave it..Wow.

Q8. Sum up dragon boating so far in one word?


Q9. If you were stuck on a desert island, who would you take out of the following and why? Options are Christine, Dave, Jez, Paul or Quy?

Christine because together we have girl power!

Q10. If you had won the lottery, what would be more your first purchase and why?

A big house so I can have all my family, relatives and friends stay over from all over the world.

Q11. What is your most embarrassing moment?

Hmm embarrassing moments are not exactly the kind of stuff I choose to remember. And nothing lately so I’ve managed to forget now hahaha.

Q12. What is your biggest phobia and why?

Bugs i.e. big fat spiders although I’ve had to deal with so many since moving to the UK I wouldn’t classify it as a phobia but cockroaches yes. Most definitely.

Q13. What would you do on your ideal first date?

Hmm depends on the person, if it’s an interesting person I like I’ll forget the time chatting and laughing. If not then there is no ideal date lol.

Q14. Finally, which famous actor would play you in a film about yourself and why?

Song-Hye-kyo because she usually acts in roles where the girl is strong, independent and funny which is what I am like. ūüėÄ