G9 Interview: Joseph ‘Cucumber’ Chan

Q1. First of all, what brought you along to Dragon Boating and the Windy Pandas?

I wanted to increase the amount of sports I was doing. Sitting on the sofa, reaching for the crisps and putting it in my mouth is not classified as a sport though I’m pretty good at it! One crisp, multiple crisps, one hand, both hands. Work out out was mostly a solo affair, hence I was looking for something that was team focused,  fun to do and potentially have a degree of social interaction outside of the sport itself among team members.

In my search for a fun team focused sport I joined the CCG Dragon Kings Team in 2015. During my time with the Dragon Kings, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting several Windy Panda members as they regularly trained us. The Dragon Kings adventure unfortunately came to a halt after a while and it wasn’t sure if it were to continue. As I had a great time and wanted to continue paddling, chairman Jez recommended joining a Panda training session or two in the new year to see whether I would like it. Fast forward, these days I’m trying to earn the rights to wear a famous red Windy Panda T-shirt with pride!

Ah who am I kidding, it’s all about the dim sum after training am I right Pandas?

Q2. Outside of DB, what do you do to relax in your spare time?

Cooking, eating (even the food I cook myself, I’m still alive!), read a good book (with a glass of wine at times, sometimes the book stays closed and it’s just a glass of wine or two), work out (not the crisps), long walks, from time to time sink my teeth into a project as simple as home improvements, to doing something new, active and exciting (Dragon Boating for example), movies, shows, drinks and exhibitions with friends and/or family.

Q3. If you had to choose between Mcdonalds, KFC or Burger King which would you choose?

This is a trick question right? Colonel Sanders got this one in the bag hands down!

Q4. What is your favourite cartoon as a child?

Transformers. Robots trying to blend into society like we do each day as there’s more than meets the eye.. *grabs coat*

Q5. Who was your teenage crush, and how long for?

Kelly Chen, she still has it!

Q6. Describe yourself in three words

Friendly, dedicated, thinker.

Q7. What superhero power would you choose and why?

Mind control, unlimited free KFC bargain buckets with gravy!

Q8. Sum up dragon boating so far in one word?


Q9. If you were stuck on a desert island, who would you take out of the following and why? Options are Christine, Dave, Jez, Paul or Quy?

Christine, was kindly sharing sweets after one of the training sessions. I bet she’d do the same on a desert island!

Q10. If you had won the lottery, what would be more your first purchase and why?

Not a purchase, but give the majority to my mom. I owe her for all her support, both financial and/or non-financial, throughout the years.

Q11. What is your most embarrassing moment?

Being rather intoxicated, using the disabled loo and pulling the red cord. Mad faces from the security guards, laughter from the other people in the bar when I stumbled out of the loo. My 15 seconds of fame, oh well at least I remembered to wash my hands 🙂

Q12. What is your biggest phobia and why?

One day waking up without any ambition, goals or plans. Lying in bed and snoozing that alarm for the third time due to work I’m all for it, not wanting to come out of bed any longer because of a complete lack of drive, not so much.

Q13. What would you do on your ideal first date?

Like a magician, I’m not revealing my secrets hah! But like a magician, it doesn’t always work and we need to improvise on the spot or do some fine-tuning here and there for the next time. C’est La Vie!

Q14. Finally, which famous actor would play you in a film about yourself and why?

Chow Yun-Fat. He’s Chinese, got the height right though could use a couple of cheeseburgers with fries. Was also named the coolest actor in 1995. Dare I say cool as a cucumber? *got coat, runs to the exit*