Eye Dotting Ceremony

On the 18th March 2017 a traditional eye dotting ceremony was held at the Royal Docks to inaugurate our second dragon boat. The idea of dotting the eyes of the dragon is to awaken its spirit which will protect the paddlers on the water as the season starts. The guest of honour Cherie Yeung, Deputy Secretary General of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office joined us to perform the act.

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Every year we welcome a new batch of newbies who joins to train with us and competing at races in the UK. We also do an international race every year, what’s better than having fun whilst racing for your team internationally? Throughout the years we’ve been to a number of countries including Canada, USA, Italy, Hong Kong and this year we will be making our way to Orlando. So come join us on this exciting and fun journey with the best looking and fun loving team!

Josephine “Scala” So