G10 Interview: Drew “Less Rice” Lachica

Happy New Year folks! Can you believe its 2018?  To kickstart the year, we have asked a G10 recruit a few questions and this week, its Drew “Less Rice” Lachica’s turn! How did he come to join the team? And what is his embarrassing moment that he is willing to share? Read on and find out..

Q1. How did you get to join the Windy Pandas?
Was looking for a team as soon I arrived London in Aug 2017. Googled for dragon boat festivals and found the London Hong Kong festival and saw this PDF of winners where Windy Panda (cubs) won. Wanting to join a team that wins, I contacted the page!
Q2. Whats your nickname and how did you come about?
Every time we eat in Yi Ban, I always request for less rice. Less rice, less tummy, more muscle power
Q3. What is your favourite part of Dragon Boating?
It’s a good exercise and the socials. Met great people especially I’m still new here. On my second week living in London, I instantly got 20 friends!
Q4. And the worst part of Dragon Boating?
The cold weather and the exhaustion after the training that stops you from going out on a Saturday night (which turns out to be good actually)
Q5. If you had to bring 3 items to a deserted island, what items would you bring?
My phone, a solar charger, and a device that converts atmosphere to drinking water. I’m sure I’m gonna survive.
Q6. Who is childhood celebrity crush?
Victoria of the Spice Girls and mancrush Justin Timberlake (I’m so gay just like that)
Q7. What is your favourite food and why?
Filipino dish Adobo with lots of fat from the pork belly. Some of the Pandas tried it in my place actually.
Q8. What is your favourite genre of music and why do you prefer it?
Any Hip-hop music (especially the 90s vibe) so i can sing and dance to it
Q9. Describe your perfect date?
Chatting in the quiet sandy white beaches of the Philippines, warm sun setting, sipping gin tonic
Q10. What is your most embarrassing moment? (Kid friendly please)
I was picking my nose (and plucking nose hair lol) comfortably inside a tinted car. Then I noticed the other car is laughing and taking a video of me. I thought i cant be seen from the outside hahaha