G11 Interview: Steven “Yi Ban Waiter” Hoang

Hello team! This week we interviewed with our G11 charmer Steven “Yi Ban Waiter” Hoang. Find out more about Steven below.

How did you find out about the Windy Pandas and who/what made you join the team?

Recommended by a current panda

What are your goals with joining the Windy Pandas?

Get fit and socialise.

What are your likes and dislikes about dragon-boating?

Likes – people, culture and vibes
Dislikes – early morning Saturday training!

What is your fondest Windy Panda memory so far?

Too many stories were created in the last couple years!

Any advice for those that are looking to take up dragon-boating?

Just do it, as you won’t know till you try it.

Whats your nickname and how did you come about?

Yi-ban waiter. I got it because I am the most efficient and hard working waiter that ever joined! Jokes, no idea how I got it.

Name three things you can not live without and why?

Good food, good company and Vincent Lau

Your go to Karaoke song?

Numb (encore)

Who is childhood celebrity crush?

Jessica Alba

Describe your perfect date?

Tasty authentic food on a boat

What is your most embarrassing moment?

I don’t get embarrassed, I have no shame!

What’s the best/worst practical joke anyone’s ever played on you? And vice versa?

Happy slapping nick in his sleep