G11 Interview: Trix “12.5ml” Ly

Today we interviewed our G11 Trix “12.5ml” Ly. Voted as the most improved paddler of 2019! Find out more about Trix below!

How did you find out about the Windy Pandas and who/what made you join the team?

Recommended by Kit Kwan. I was looking for a hobby.

What are your goals with joining the Windy Pandas?

Challenge myself and achieve as much as possible for the team.

What are your likes and dislikes about dragon-boating?

Like my paddling friends, the competitions, and the socials. Dislike the cold weather and Paul Coster. Just kidding. I hate him!

What is your fondest Windy Panda memory so far?

Toronto international. Om nom nom, Om nom nom!!!

Any advice for those that are looking to take up dragon-boating?

Have fun. Try your best. Be patient with your progress. Listen to the coaches. Prepare your stomach for dim sum after training.

Whats your nickname and how did you come about?

12.5ml. Half a shot.. need I say more?

Name three things you can not live without and why?

Paddle, gloves and bum pad… I’m so kinky like that 😉

Your go to Karaoke song?

Backstreet Boys – As Long As You Love Me

Who is childhood celebrity crush?

Emma button (baby spice)

Describe your perfect date?

Netflix and hotpot

What is your most embarrassing moment?

Queued up for a club only to get rejected by the bouncers because I had slippers on. Dunno how I didn’t realise I forgot my shoes lol.

What’s the best/worst practical joke anyone’s ever played on you? And vice versa?

When I was 5, my dad pretended to fart in my face and said I turned yellow. I cried like a wuss. Only stopped believing it a few years ago haha!