Pre-Hong Kong Photoshoot

One of the Panda traits required to join the team, is the need to “act natural” in front of the cameras. The team did not need any encouragement once my Canon 550D was on show. I recall seeing the team smiling and in good spirits before a training session, unusual! As I shepherd the guys to their position, it was showtime!
To¬†commemorate our Far East trip,¬†Mr I’m Worth It Chang and I have been busy designing a special edition Hong Kong Panda tee. We opted for something blue which is different to our normal red and wanted the design to be bold, cool and fun. With two weeks to go before our big international trip, I decided it was a good idea to get the gang together for some photography. Clearly good for spirits and perhaps even good for memories, when we look back for years to come. It really set up the mood of the camp, that training session we had after and of course for our international trip. That’s another story!
Please find below my favourite pics taken from that day
Written by Jez “Jokey-Jokemaker” Cheung