G5 Interview : Maxine “Gumshield” Lam

This week, we decided to ask our G5’s Maxine’s some questions and get to know her…

Q: Describe yourself in three words
I am human

Q: Your favourite all time film?
Fight Club

Q: You’re marooned on a desert island, what 3 essential items would you take with you?
Bear Grylls. Cookies. Hammock.

Q: If you could be a famous Superhero, who would you be and why?
Wonderwoman, because only she can make spandex hot.

Q: What was your first job?

Q: What song do you secretly like but too embarrassed to admit?
Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus. Oh yea.

Q: How did you first join the Pandas? How did you find us?
Pol’s idea of a great date.

Q: How did find your first training session?
Not a great date. Tiring, fun, different! Love the teamwork required, and how friendly everyone was.

Q: How is your technique coming along?
Broke my back, so not so great.

Q: …had your first dunk? When is your birthday?
No… My birthday’s off-season. Sorry! You can dunk me in vodka instead!

Q: Why do you want to paddle for the Windy Pandas? What are your goals and objectives?
Fun team, fun sport, why not?? Get better every week.

Q: The squad is getting bigger every year, why do you think other people want to join WP?
Not overly competitive but still enough pressure to do your personal best for the team… Cos the team is just so damn sexy!

Q: What are you going to bring to the Windy Pandas in 2012?

Q: What is your WP nickname come from or has any special meaning? If not, any suggestions?
I hate gum shields. That’s all. *shifty eyes*

Q: If a film was about your life, which famous actor would play you and why?
An Asian Mila Kunis. Seems normal but is secretly an awkward kid in a hilariously inappropriate family.