Vice Captain Interview: Chin Pang “Fei Jai” Yau

Here’s some questions and answers with Windy’s newly elected Vice Captain Chin Pang “Fei Jai” Yau’s thoughts on his experiences with the Pandas and what he feels he will bring to the Pandas in 2013

Q: Describe yourself in three words.
Ambitious, Confident and Responsible

Q: Your Favourite all time film?
Aliens .. but I like lots of films..

Q: You’re marooned on a dessert island, what 3 essential items would you take with you?
Knife, water sterilizing tablets, Piano

Q: What was your first job?
A: Working in a takeaway (of course) 

Q: How did you first join the Pandas? Do you remember your first impressions?
A: Through my sister (Ting Yau), tried a free session, really really enjoyed the activity, the environment, the fitness and mostly the Team/members (even though some of them are a bit crazy ..)

Q: Remember your first race?
Yes.. London Rotary Event? was a while ago, had only been training for a couple of months. A huge amount of adrenaline, rushing through my vain’s. In the last race we use to do 10-up-10-reach and my foot slipped and crashed into the boat on the start.. Embarrassing.. But we won! 

Q: …and your first dunk?
NEVER!!! Just joking .. I’ve been dunked loads of times must be at least 9 times (I think I’ve reached my limit).. 😉

Q: Why do you think you are still paddling for the Windy Pandas?
Simple ..They can’t get rid of me.

Q: The squad is getting bigger every year, why do you think other people want to join WP?
A: It’s because you can be a part of WP, nobody cares what you do outside, you’re not judged. You’re here because of the people, the love of the sport, the great events which happens and dim sum. 

Q: According to your definition of success, how successful do you think WP have been so far?
For me WP has been very successful. WP has changed so much in the 2 years I’ve been there. We’ve come from only racing one boat, to two boats in Chinatown Lions. We’ve raised money for charities and kept true to the WP spirit. We’ve made international DB alliances, we’ve proven ourselves to the DB community and had an amazing time doing it. Jezza did a great job nurturing his idea into reality.  I hope this year will be just as successful.

“Q: Back to your role this season. Why did you decide to take up the Vice Captain role?
I had been paddling for 2 years already and wanted to give something back to the team instead of just paddling. I decided to be vice capt because I have done a lot of organisation for societies in the past and knew I wouldn’t let the team down. Some people may say why bother? But I don’t think you can truly understand until you’ve been apart of the WP and what they stand for. I’m doing this because of the team, the camaraderie and the enjoyment of fellow pandas.

Q: What are you going to bring to the Windy Pandas in 2013?

Q: Tell me about the worst moment of your WP career?
A: Out in Marlow – just makes you doubt your own ability 

Q: ..and the best?
A: Every other day.. Lions or SF race days – The final races were won with milliseconds difference.

Q: Any advice to upcoming G6′s or any newbies looking to join?
Have fun! try your best on the water! We’re here to help (We’re not perfect,  advice/criticism should be used/listened to with no negative connotations). Ask if you don’t understand. Technique first, Power second. To G6 – we’re a really friendly bunch you can easily get to know us when training and more so at yiban (for dimsum) after training! There will also be many upcoming socials so make sure to be there!

Q: What does your nickname come from or has any special meaning?
.. I used to be obese when I was younger, 14 stone at 5ft3. Hence “Fei Jai”

Q: Finally, if a film was made about your life, which famous actor would play you and why?
Jaycee Chan .. apparently hes my famous lookalike. Not sure how true that is .. but a couple of people have said that now.