G8 Interview: Erica ‘Freestyler’ Lau

Q: How did you find out about the Windy Pandas?

I was wined and dined by Mr and Mrs Jokey who bigged up promises of weekly dim sum, socials and oh paddling

Q: What have been your likes and dislikes about Dragonboating so far?

Likes: the whole team! Taking up a new challenge, dim sum and upcoming competitions here and afar.

Dislikes: ……getting up early……

Q: What has been your favourite holiday?

Iceland, It just had some amazing scenery which allowed me to take some awesome photos! The food was amazing there and I loved the Blue Lagoon!

Q: If you can have dinner with 3 famous people, alive or dead, who would they be and why?

David Attenborough – why? Who wouldn’t, he’s just awesome

Michel Roux Jr – why? To ask if he can teach me to cook his dishes or just cook me his dishes to eat

Ip Man – why? He’s inspirational, never gave up his dreams and spread his passion around the world!

Q: Whats your best movie and worst? 
Worst movie – defo perfect storm!

Best movie – hmmmm hard one but probably Lord of the Rings

Q: Explain your nickname? How did it come about

Freestyler – I do Hiphop freestyle dance

Q: What is your favourite quote (if any) 

Hakuna Matata

Q: What do you miss most about being a kid?

My mama’s terrible hair cuts…. Lol just kidding, I miss like half term and summer holidays!

Q: How would your friends describe you? 

Ummmm….that I got good innuendos? Haha, hard to answer, come be my friend and you’ll find out ;p

Q: When is your birthday and can you swim?
Sometime every year….. Swim, ummm

Q: Last question – Are you any good at running? (yes/no) 

yes, when being chased by wasps