G10 Interview: Vi “Linda” Vuong

We continue with our interviews with the G10 and this week we have asked Vi “Linda” Vuong to spend 5-10 minutes answering some personal questions…

Q1. How did you get to join the Windy Pandas?
Sister Mivan.
Q2. Whats your nickname and how did you come about?
Linda – funny moments with siblings – reacting a video from childhood.
Q3. What is your favourite part of Dragon Boating?
Getting to know more people and dim sum :p
Q4. And the worst part of Dragon Boating?
Rain but it is all part of the experience.
Q5. If you had to bring 3 items to a deserted island, what items would you bring?
Paddle, boat and life jacket. Paddle to safety and look for my fellow pandas haha
Q6. Who is childhood celebrity crush?
Jlo – who didn’t like that ass.
Q7. What is your favourite food and why?
Asian- any type of asian as it feels more close to home.
Q8. What is your favourite genre of music and why do you prefer it?
All genre- depending on my mood but some good reggae to keep me chill and mellow.
Q9. Describe your perfect date?
Anything is perfect as long as your with the one (cheese) lol
Q10. What is your most embarrassing moment? (Kid friendly please)
When I was young and got attacked by pigeons and been scared of them ever since. More like scared haha.